Many people go through life not knowing their purpose, assuming that whatever sparks a passion in them must be their gifts. In this insightful book Minister Chris Scott helps us to find our spiritual gifts by allowing us to take a peek into her journey of life while understanding that we are created by God for a purpose designed specifically for us. If you have any questions regarding your gifting, after reading this book you will learn that “passion without knowing your gifts is purpose wasted.” Live on purpose!

Gerri Leggett

What an amazing and enlightening experience. This book will change your life, your perspective and most importantly allow you to discover your spiritual gifts - ALL for His glory and your own edification....a MUST read! 

Lori Sunshine Adeoba



"I am a successful Certified Life Coach today because I attended life coaching classes in 2016 and 2018 taught by Master Life Coach Chris Scott.

Her classes change the course of my life because of the skills I learn from the dynamic instruction, curriculum and practical component of the classes. You will learn essential skills for a lifelong coaching career. I recommend the class to you if you want the BEST of the BEST in life coaching experience. You will find it at Global Connection Academy." 

Gerri Leggett