How To Choose A Life Coach Certification Program

Personal development is part of a booming $10 billion industry. Personal coaching programs and services are part of this segment. The International Coach Federation (ICF) estimates that they have over 53,300 practicing coaches. But how do you pick a life certification program? Since the life coaching industry is not regulated, do you know how to choose a program that will make you a well-qualified certified life coach?  Global Connections Academy GA is dedicated to training individuals who want to enter the coaching profession by giving them the spiritual, academic, and practical experience they need to move their clients in a positive direction.  How Do You Find an Accredited Coach Training Program? Looking for a well-qualified program involves more than the curriculum or the certificate. You have to think about what works for you and making sure you get the long-term support you need. When evaluating a life coaching school, consider the following:

  • The reputation of the program

  • Quality of the material

  • The trainer’s experience

  • The cost of the program

  • Your preferred delivery mode

  • Long-term support and mentorship.

  • Their ratings from previous students

Your Training Goes Beyond the Life Certification Program Becoming a certified professional coach is just the beginning of your journey to be a well-qualified professional in the business. Your coaching practice depends on your intent, being mentored, and undergoing supervision.  No matter how good a life coach school is, you need to have the right attitude, professionalism, and a heart to help people.  There are a lot of people who want to become life coaches, but some of them are there for the wrong reason – they only see it as a way to make money. Yes, life coaching is indeed a financially lucrative job and a profitable business. Earning a good living doing something you love is wonderful! Just make sure your heart is in the right place and that you love helping people advance in their life journey. Remember when you coach someone, their well-being and future is in your hands. No amount of life coach training can instill a passion for helping people if you do not have it already.  You must have the inner calling, ethics, proper attitude and training. After all, these are people's lives we are talking about! Conclusion Whether you are a certified life coach, or a person looking to start a life coach business, Global Connections Academy will provide you with the training, mentorship, and the support that you need. Sign up today for our upcoming life coach course. Start making a difference today!

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